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NEWS–  Certain gut bacteria in the first months of life may help protect against airway inflammation and “asthma”

This is an interesting article just released and making headlines in the lay literature.  It seems to be that if there is not enough of four specific bacteria in the gut of an infant, there may be a higher chance of developing “asthma” later.   What kind of asthma is the presence of this bacteria in infancy preventing? Seemingly some sort of inflammatory asthma, but as is so often the case in asthma research, the many different types of asthma are mostly clumped together in the research, thus making the data less helpful.  But still interesting!

Antibiotic use for minor self-resolving illnesses–common cold, painless ear infections, ear fluid, cough, etc, should not be undertaken lightly.  First thing, do no harm!  Antibiotics are life savers when used for life threatening disorders and should not be feared in that setting.  But when used for diseases caused by viruses, or for bacterial illnesses that usually go away on their own, there is risk of doing more harm than good when parents demand antibiotics for their child.